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We have dedicated this page to instructing you on our best recommendations when it comes to healing for your tattoo post getting it! 

For large tattoos, your artist will give you custom aftercare instructions tailored to your piece. Each artist has a specific aftercare routine that they recommend for the healing of the piece depending on what it is and how it's done! If you have any questions regarding the healing of your tattoo, you can message the studio on email or our instagram linked below.

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Second Skin...

We recommend leaving the Second Skin on for 4 days. You may shower and get it wet, although take care to not disrupt the area too much. If it begins to lift and you feel you NEED to remove it, you can do this with care and gently wash your tattoo with water. You can easily search on youtube the correct way to remove second skin without damaging your tattoo!

Only use CLEAN HANDS to wash your tattoo. NO washcloths, bath towels or loofahs on a fresh tattoo. Do not panic when you see ink from the tattoo on a paper towel, or on your hands as you clean it. This is simply excess ink being sloughed from the surface or the skin.

General Care...

You should wait until day 4 before applying aftercare cream.

Apply MAXIMUM 3 times per day for a minimum of 5 days. Over application is not good and can cause irritation or pimples to the skin, a small amount just covering the area is plentiful.

Once a day, in the shower, is enough cleaning for any new tattoo. Consult your artist if you plan to do any strenuous activity within the first ten days of having your tattoo. 

We recommend that you wear loose, preferably cotton clothing over the fresh tattoo. A bra strap, tight waistband, sweaty gym shoe or itchy cotton sweater can potentially create healing problems. Consult your tattoo artist for advice on what clothing to wear/avoid. 

After a couple days, your tattoo may begin to form flaky scabs that will fall off on their own. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO.

It can take up to 4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal! 

If you have ANY questions about your healing, please contact one of our studio management.

Please do not consult your friends about healing issues, as everyone’s experience is unique. Our management and artists are more than happy to help with any concerns you might have.

Things to avoid...

Things to avoid for 2 weeks following your tattoo -

  • Strenuous exercise involving the area that has been tattoo’d (including lifting weights)

  • Sun exposure on the area that has been tattoo’d

  • Swimming in chlorinated water/ocean

  • Heavy soaps on and around the area 

  • Using ointments and moisturizers not designed specifically for tattoo healing on the area

Touch Up Policy

Haven Tattoo offers one free touchup session should it be required following the complete healing of your tattoo. This does not include fingers, feet, hands or other unadvisable positions. If your tattoo placement is in these areas, or you have picked/not cared for your tattoo, a touchup fee of $75 will be charged. Touch ups are only free if clients follow our aftercare instructions, use the aftercare cream recommended by Haven Tattoo staff/artists and avoid all activities recommended post tattoo and throughout the healing process.

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